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School of Business Scholarship for KPU donated by CREPA

by David Tam

Dear Mr. Tam, 

Thank you, once again, for supporting students at KPU’s School of Business Scholarships & Awards Dinner. On November 22, 2018 we had the pleasure of celebrating your generosity with donors, student recipients, and KPU representatives. In total, more than $143,000 was provided to KPU students through a variety of scholarships, awards, bursaries and endowments. This generosity is only possible because of valued donors like you! 

Post-secondary education is an investment in the future; the returns on which we may never fully experience. As our student speaker, Alanna Carmichael shared, the deciding factor when choosing to attend KPU was the offer of a scholarship to begin her studies. A reward she has continued to receive year-after-year. It was so motivating to hear that Alanna completed her degree program in just three years! In her own words Alanna shared the impact scholarships and awards had on her. "Receiving these awards inspired me to strive for excellence, and made me feel like I could take on anything. So, I took on as much as I could, and I thrived," she explained to the captivated guests in attendance. 

The comfort of knowing that there is a community of support behind KPU students propels them to their fullest potential as a result of the direct financial support and the inspiration it creates to succeed in their studies and careers. You are giving students just like Aline the hope they need to be ambitious and successful. 

On behalf of KPU, our students, and alumni thank you for your generous support – thank you for choosing to make dreams a reality for our students! 

Photos from the event are now available to view - Business Awards Dinner Photos

With gratitude,
Katie Miller
Director of Advancement