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Background History

by 5U Webmaster

The concept of forming a Chinese Real Estate Professionals Association was brewed in around June of 1994. TS Mock met regularly with a group of Chinese realtors;Raymond W.M. Lee, Lorraine Wong, Jeffrey Chiu and Eve Ng taking turn to treat each other dinner. The idea was then expanded to include other realtors. Later on, regular monthly meeting was organized, with scheduled topics to discuss in each meeting.


The first monthly meeting was held on Jul 28, 1994 at Kirin Restaurant at City Square with twelve people attended. In the second meeting participants increased to 24 and in the 15th meeting 103. Altogether close to five hundred realtors attended various meeting.

After three years of informal regular meetings, it was realized that there was a need for incorporationto share our workload among other realtors as Board Directors. Our organization was named"Chinese Realtors Benevolent Association" which consists of 13 Directors. The Charter night was on Jun 27, 1997 with over 300 guests joined us to celebrate our Charter night Dinner & Dance.

The number of Board Directors increased twice, the first time from 13 to 17, and then from 17 to 19. The number of Departments also increased from six to nine, then to 12 "Web-Site Coordination", and "Special Projects"were proposed to be added in our coming year. Board meetings were held monthly to facilitate the organization of all our activities.

Between June 94 - May 97 we had close to 50 members. We started implemented membership fee in June 1997, it was set at $20 per year for regular members, $25 for Associate members and $100 for Life members.

Our regular function comprises of four Dinners/Seminars a year, AGM in June, and annual Christmas Party in December. Occasional Breakfast/brunch gatherings or panel discussion were being held when requested.

In 2002, our web-site was launched and our Webmaster managed our web-site. In 2004, our name was renamed to Chinese Realtors Association (taking out the word "Benevolent) to make it more straightforward.

In 2005, our fee was changed from $20 per year to a one-time fee of $100 for a lifemembershipfor both Regular and Associate members.

In 2006, our Association reorganized to create a President and three Vice-Presidents, with each responsible for: Education & Benefit, Web-site & Public Relations, and Membership & Communication.

In 2007, our Association had participated in our annual SUCCESS Walk w/the Dragon, Real Estate Board Blanket drive, and Silver sponsored for Tapestry Foundation to raise funds to purchase a Medical Diagnostic Equipment for Women’s Breast Health and various charity organizations.